Privacy Policy

At CellTrak we care about providing you with the tools and information to manage and protect your online privacy. We have therefore developed a policy to inform you about the types of information this website collects, who may receive that information, and what we may do with the information.

While we have made every attempt to make this policy as clear as possible, if you have any questions about this policy, contact us at:

  • CellTrak Technologies, Inc.
  • 1051 Perimeter Drive Suite 950
  • Schaumburg, IL 60173
  • E-mail: support@celltrak.com
  • CellTrak UK Support: 0207 411 9167
  • CellTrak US Support: 888 993 8725


Cookies are small files that contain information a Web site uses for tracking purposes. This web site uses cookies to facilitate the visitor experience and/or to enhance site content by compiling aggregate information about which specific sections and pagers visitors use.

Information collection

CellTrak collects the following types of information:

  • Traditional contact information such as mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers.
  • Internet contact information such as email addresses.
  • Information about the visitorís computer system, such as the web browser type, IP address and operating system.
  • The number of web pages visited, click stream data, and other navigation information.
  • Non-financial identification information, such as user name and password combinations.

Compiling this information helps us to better understand site usage patterns, and which types of content are of greatest interest to the visitors of our site. In addition, this information allows us to notify visitors of updates to our site, and to contact them with information about CellTrak’s portfolio of services.

Information sharing

The information we collect is not shared with email advertisers or other parties. Only CellTrak employees who need access to the information in order to do their jobs have access to it. These employees are fully committed to our privacy and security policies.

If you believe we are not handling your information in accordance with our privacy policy, please contact us at 888 993 8725 (US Support) or†0207 411 9167 (UK Support) . You can also email us at support@celltrak.com. If for some reason we have violated our privacy policy, we will correct the error as soon as you notify us.